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Major Hazardous Installations Regulatory Consulting

MHIs comprises of:

  • Petroleum refining facilities.
  • Petrochemical manufacturing facilities.
  • Chemical processing plants.
  • Installations where large quantities of toxic and flammable substances are stored or used.

Under the Safety Case Regime, Major Hazardous Installations(MHIs) have to prepare Safety Case reports which consolidate all SHE protocols and demonstrate to the authorities that they have managed their SHE risks to as low as reasonably practicable. This ensures that MHIs take on greater responsibility for the risks they create while at the same time, giving MHIs the flexibility to tailor their risk mitigating measures to best suit their needs. The Safety Case Regime is also used in Europe, UK and Australia for management of MHIs.
While the likelihood of a major MHI incident is generally low, the consequence could be catastrophic. Ensuring the integrity of MHIs is paramount, both to our economy as well as the wellbeing of our workers and the public.
* This is an MOM requirement

Process Flow


Our consultant will contact you to gather information about your organization to understand your company needs and ISO standard requirements.

Gap Analysis and Planning

Assess your organization’s current practices and identify gaps. Develop a plan to address the gaps and achieve ISO compliance.

Documentation and Implementation

Develop necessary documentation, policies, and procedures. Implement the changes and new processes within your organization.

Training and Awareness

Provide training to employees on ISO standard requirements and their roles in the implementation.

Internal Audits

Conduct internal audits to assess the effectiveness of the implemented ISO management system and identify areas for improvement.

Certification Audit and Issuance

Receive the ISO certification, upon successful audit from an accredited certification body.


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